Monday, March 11, 2013

Friends for Terry Porter


Please help us raise money for the Legal Defense of Terry Porter of 

Sharpsburg Maryland.

His family home was raided by as many as 150 Local, State, and FBI law Enforcement Officers armed with a "NO KNOCK SEARCH WARRANT"  they used an armored vehicle, 2 Helicopters a command post bus all after a bogus informant led Police on a wild goose chase looking for Military Assault Weapons Tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition  Bombs and other dangerous terrorist type items.
NONE of these where found! 

Only a few second rate shoot guns, a 30-30 and a 22.  were found in the house

Mr Porter had a 20 year old felony conviction from a marijuana charge to which he serve 6 months of incarceration. Since then he hasn't had so much of a traffic violation. He was charged with illegal possession of firearms some of which his wife inherited from her father!

Terry, Pam Porter & there three children are well liked in the community which is outraged by this police action.
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